Simple Smoothies

Simple Smoothies

Everyone loves a strawberry and banana smoothie and they are not only super easy to make but also pretty healthy.

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Biscoff Cake

Biscoff Cake

My friend, Miss Rosie Bea’s, own recipe for a simple Victoria sponge topped with lotus biscuit icing perfect for afternoon tea.


200g           Self-raising flour                                      200g         Icing sugar

200g           Caster sugar                                                150g           Butter

200g           Butter                                                            4tsp           Water

2                  Whole eggs                                                  4tbsp         Biscoff spread
2tsp           Baking powder

3tsp           Vanilla flavouring




  1. First things first, preheat the oven to 180° and make sure you have all the IMG_6862ingredients!
  2. Mix the butter, flour, sugar, eggs, baking powder and flavouring. I choose to mix them in a blender but you can do this by hand in a large mixing bowl until you have a smooth paste.
  3. Line the baking tin.If you are making a single cake cut a circle of grease proof paper for the bottom of the tin and brush the whole of the inside with oil. For cupcakes prepare the cases.
  4. Evenly distribute the mixture and place in the oven. Leave to bake for 45 minutes (30 for cupcakes).
  5. Preparing the icing.Using a folk carefully mix the icing sugar and the butter. Add water slowly as needed. Finally, when the sugar has been mixed into the butter add the biscoff spread and mix into a smooth icing.
  6. Allow the cake to cool before icing it how you please. Enjoy!


















































Week 3…

Week three…IMG_6842

A little road trip began my jam packed week which was, as usual, filled with great ideas.
Driving all the way to Liverpool delivering a very special parcel- my hand made elephant-was worth the 4 hour journey in the end! My sister is 34 weeks pregnant and I have spent 6 months knitted an elephant in preparation.

On arrival we completely surprised our sister, she was still in her pyjamas expecting a
delivery of converses rather than relatives. We spent the remainder of the day shopping- of course- before heading to the ice-cream farm. This is a great few hours out enjoying the sun and beautiful homemade ice-creams of every flavour, colour and cone you’ve ever seen and if you live nearby of are in the area this place is definitely worth a visit. There is a huge soft play centre and outdoor playground complete with an ice-cream tree, they even have a farm, perfect for young children and big kids alike.

Later in the week I made the huge mistake of going to Ikea… preparing for university has become an enormous task! However, I’ve done the paperwork and now I’m on to the fun stuff and shopping (again) is definitely up there especially in Ikea.

A quick list of essentials:

  • Fairy lights (provided they are allowed in your accommodation)
  • A super fluffy blanket, vital for cold nights or just for snuggling.
  • Basic kitchen equipment (don’t go mental on the electrics but definitely buy a pan, knives and plates!)
  • Velcro picture hangers. These are great as they mean you can put pictures on the walls without leaving marks or damaging the paintwork in halls or rented accommodation.
  • Don’t forget to buy stationary and course stuff too!




IMG_6899Finally, I celebrated my boyfriend (Freddie’s) 18th birthday. Whilst he didn’t have any plans my family certainly did! On arriving at mine expecting a quiet night in he was bombarded with party poppers and a chorus of exceptionally out of tune ‘happy birthday’. The poor guy probably wanted to run! Lunch consisted of a lot of oriental selection boxes, salamis and mini sausages which went down pretty well. These are easy party foods if anybody is wondering what to cook as they don’t take up much space in the oven and allow people to pick and choose what they like. A birthday would not be complete without cake- I shall post the recipe to my biscoff cake in in food!

The evening was spent with an outdoor cinema. Starting with roasted marshmallows and popcorn before settling in on the blow up mattress to watch a Disney classic on the big screen (a table cloth tape to the house!)

I can 100% suggest this as a way to celebrate a birthday or just to catch up with friends at a movie night. All you need is a laptop with a DVD/CD port, a big white sheet, a projector, speakers and a pile of movies.


Results day

Results day

I had never imagined results day to be so packed with things to do and it is stressful no matter what your results turn out to be! That’s why I decided to make this week’s post a guide for future students about how to prepare for results day.


The night before:

It’s always hard to sleep when you’re worrying and no amount of advice will help with that- I’m sorry! Instead use this time to do something useful.

Begin by preparing for the worst: as much as you don’t want to think about it download the telegraphs clearing app. Make a list of all your university choices including any you turned down offers for and search the courses you want to study. Find the clearing numbers and write them down.

If you do have to call the universities then be prepared for a mini interview, and if they don’t offer you a place move down the list through your preferred options. Consider college courses and apprenticeships that may help you reach your end goal.


The dreaded day:


The site will be open from 8:00am so make sure you check your status. Although you may be scared or worried it’s better to know before then after you’ve collected your results, many universities will offer places even if you didn’t make the grades.

  • Remember to eat.


  • Go in and get your results.

It can be a good idea to meet with your friends and celebrate or if it’s not gone to plan you’ll need them before you can apply through clearing.

  • Let everyone know.

At the end of the day it’s not just you who’s been awaiting your results, friends and family will also be desperately hanging on the end of the phone and can be a huge support.

  • Check your emails.

Some universities will require you to log into online portals to enrol or even to book accommodation.

  • Go out and celebrate!

There will be thousands of results day events across the country (I can personally recommend oxford!) but if this isn’t your seen there are loads of other things you can do. Go out for lunch or dinner, hit the shops, take a trip to the cinema or just have a quiet night in with your family or friends.


The week after:

So this is where things start to get real! You may be moving out or you might be starting a new job whatever it is be prepared. Make a note of all the things you’ll need to buy and check everything you need to do in advanced. If you’re going to live in halls of residents find your flat mates on social media and make sure relax.


You’ve done it. Results day is over. Enjoy your next adventure.

A summer to remember

A summer to remember


Why did I start a blog? Well, I have no intention of telling you the answer because I have so many other things to share! So instead of babble about my intentions I will bring you all up to date. It is the night before results day (A-levels in case anyone was wondering) and quite frankly I don’t want to think about it! I have instead chosen to remind myself of all the things I have done with the never ending summer holiday.

For the first time in my life I have a really solid group of friends that I truly love- previous friendships have not withstood the test of time- and we kick started the summer with an all mighty pub crawl…

Follow the leader…the ring leader

This was my first not so great idea!

The circus was in town, a sixth form full of 18 year old’s in fancy dress. Hitting the first of 7 pubs at midday, let’s say I have a foggy memory of the following events but I know it was the perfect start to a perfect summer.

What better way to cure a hangover than a trip to the zoo? Or in this case West Midlands Safari Park and the winner has to be the hippo’s! I have wanted to see a hippo FOREVER! I have never been so excited to see an animal and they did not disappoint. They’re hugeness hid below the water, eerie even from behind the fence, which honestly I don’t think could withstand a hippo hurtling towards it. Of course, being water pigs, they were quick to leave the lake when lunch came around and as were we, heading back to the car to grab our picnic – also eaten in the car due to weather more suitable for sea lions than myself.
After celebrating with friends it was time to spend some time partying with my family. Mums birthday is never a big ordeal but this year my sisters and I have spent months planning a surprise party. My advice to anybody considering organising such an event would be not to! It has to be one of the most stressful things I have done. Not only did we have to get mum out of the house in the morning when all she wanted to do was lay in, we also had to coordinate multiple family and friends arriving on time and then finding space in our small estate to hide 5 cars. But, it did all go to plan! Thank goodness our mum had no idea what was waiting when she came home and we enjoyed a much needed BBQ in some of the nice weather we’ve had this summer.

Of course I didn’t have much time to spend with my family and the very next day I was up at insanely early hours travelling to the Silverstone British Gran Prix. What a day. BRDC passes in hand and with 2 of my best friends we watched the race from the first corner. Crashes, buckets of rain and a win for Mercedes (the team I was a guest of) made for an all-round greatly exciting day.

The end of an era came with my sixth form leavers ball at the end of last month. 14 years of schooling and 2 stressful years of A-levels finally over, it was definitely a night to remember. The committee (myself included) arrived at the venue, a beautiful country hotel, at 3 and rushed to set up. Fairy lights were hung, table decorations out and the photo-booth set up I could finally worry about getting myself ready! With pre-drinks down my closest friends and I headed back for a final night of sixth form ‘banter!’ I certainly won’t forget seeing my teachers party and it was a fantastic send off.

The only thing left now is tomorrow. The dreaded results day. But with everything crossed I will update you all again next week.