A day in the life of a Forensic Investigation student

A day in the life of a Forensic Investigation student

Being a student is full of adventures of its own but being a forensics student has a whole bunch of different hurdles and interesting twists.

People always ask, “so what course are you on?” and when I tell them I study forensic investigation I am met with the standard replies of, “OMG, that’s so cool,” “So like CSI and stuff, I would love to do that!” and “That sounds so interesting.” The truth is it is all of those things… it is cool, and interesting and something which I have always wanted to do. But what is it really like, behind the scenes of CSI’s and Criminal Minds, what does a student studying such a wide and varied subject actually do?

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B is for Boredom

B is for Boredom

This week has possibly been one of the longest weeks of the year. The last week of January just dragging out the pain for that bit longer! I have had nothing to do, I have been trapped indoors and I have been trying very hard to get ahead on work (very unsuccessfully!)

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A good day

A good day

There are many things in life that make me happy but if I ever feel lost or alone the one thing guaranteed to cheer my up is my family.

I was thinking today about thoughts and emotions and whether, given the chance I would bottle up all my bad memories and just drop it off the end of the pier into the sea. Sometimes, I think this seems like the most amazing opportunity, maybe like starting from scratch, but then I realised I would lose a whole array of emotions who make me the person I am.  It is hard to say that you should just ignore all the hurtful and negative things people say because no matter how much you deny it they are still there, festering in your brain, but these past few weeks have taught me to stop bottling them up and throwing them to the waves because they just get washed back up at high tide.

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A is for A fresh start

A is for A fresh start

Aims of 2017:

  • Spend less bloody money on food! I am one person and pleased to say I feel pretty damn healthy but I still spending £30 a week on food shopping, so this HAS to stop! From now on I will make the effort, and believe me it is an effort to walk the 2 miles to Aldi (maybe).
  • To be more productive but not be overly optimistic about what I can accomplish in one day!

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Next great gift idea

Next great gift idea

It’s the season to be jolly… jolly broke! As a student, Christmas is proving to be an expensive prospect and with limited funds I am afraid that my family will, yet again, find socks and hand knitted items under the tree.

However, Christmas does not have to be this traditionally boring for everybody. It can be hard to find interesting and different gifts but after my trip into town today I thought I would share some of the unique and affordable present ideas that caught my eye.

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Week 3…

Week three…IMG_6842

A little road trip began my jam packed week which was, as usual, filled with great ideas.
Driving all the way to Liverpool delivering a very special parcel- my hand made elephant-was worth the 4 hour journey in the end! My sister is 34 weeks pregnant and I have spent 6 months knitted an elephant in preparation.

On arrival we completely surprised our sister, she was still in her pyjamas expecting a
delivery of converses rather than relatives. We spent the remainder of the day shopping- of course- before heading to the ice-cream farm. This is a great few hours out enjoying the sun and beautiful homemade ice-creams of every flavour, colour and cone you’ve ever seen and if you live nearby of are in the area this place is definitely worth a visit. There is a huge soft play centre and outdoor playground complete with an ice-cream tree, they even have a farm, perfect for young children and big kids alike.

Later in the week I made the huge mistake of going to Ikea… preparing for university has become an enormous task! However, I’ve done the paperwork and now I’m on to the fun stuff and shopping (again) is definitely up there especially in Ikea.

A quick list of essentials:

  • Fairy lights (provided they are allowed in your accommodation)
  • A super fluffy blanket, vital for cold nights or just for snuggling.
  • Basic kitchen equipment (don’t go mental on the electrics but definitely buy a pan, knives and plates!)
  • Velcro picture hangers. These are great as they mean you can put pictures on the walls without leaving marks or damaging the paintwork in halls or rented accommodation.
  • Don’t forget to buy stationary and course stuff too!




IMG_6899Finally, I celebrated my boyfriend (Freddie’s) 18th birthday. Whilst he didn’t have any plans my family certainly did! On arriving at mine expecting a quiet night in he was bombarded with party poppers and a chorus of exceptionally out of tune ‘happy birthday’. The poor guy probably wanted to run! Lunch consisted of a lot of oriental selection boxes, salamis and mini sausages which went down pretty well. These are easy party foods if anybody is wondering what to cook as they don’t take up much space in the oven and allow people to pick and choose what they like. A birthday would not be complete without cake- I shall post the recipe to my biscoff cake in in food!

The evening was spent with an outdoor cinema. Starting with roasted marshmallows and popcorn before settling in on the blow up mattress to watch a Disney classic on the big screen (a table cloth tape to the house!)

I can 100% suggest this as a way to celebrate a birthday or just to catch up with friends at a movie night. All you need is a laptop with a DVD/CD port, a big white sheet, a projector, speakers and a pile of movies.