This week has possibly been one of the longest weeks of the year. The last week of January just dragging out the pain for that bit longer! I have had nothing to do, I have been trapped indoors and I have been trying very hard to get ahead on work (very unsuccessfully!)

Tomorrow is the first day of the new term and it is a busy one. I have lab sessions and lectures all day yet until this morning I hadn’t even looked at what units I was covering! It is completely unlike me to be this unorganised over anything but here we are, the day before, panicking and organising and planning to the nth degree just to make it to the end of this week let alone the rest of the month.

So why have I been bored with so much stuff I should be doing?

I don’t really know. I think it is something about having such a long period of time out of university or anything for that matter that makes you tired. Not the same sort of tired that you get when you exercise or are out and about all day but the type of tired that comes from excessive sleep and nothing stimulating. I mean I have left the building but a trip to Aldi is not quite the same as a day in lectures.

I have missed learning; the lack of it in the last month has led to growing boredom. I have tried to find new topics of interest to research but it is hard to do without any direction and I think this is one thing that being in education gives me. It allows me to find new areas that I am fascinated by and that I can research further. I am definitely one of those people who will learn something new everyday for the rest of my life.

I do have a confession to make as last night I gave into the temptation of ordering a take away! The presence of Deliveroo on a Sunday evening at uni was just too much to resist. But I don’t feel bad, I have been exercising and I feel it is important to have a balance or healthy eating and meeting cravings even if it was a new year’s resolution to eat better!

But that really is all that has happened this past, long and drawn out week! It is not always a bad thing to enjoy a week of nothing but if you find yourself getting bored then there are always things you could be doing and don’t, like me, leave them all until the last minute.


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