There are many things in life that make me happy but if I ever feel lost or alone the one thing guaranteed to cheer my up is my family.

I was thinking today about thoughts and emotions and whether, given the chance I would bottle up all my bad memories and just drop it off the end of the pier into the sea. Sometimes, I think this seems like the most amazing opportunity, maybe like starting from scratch, but then I realised I would lose a whole array of emotions who make me the person I am.  It is hard to say that you should just ignore all the hurtful and negative things people say because no matter how much you deny it they are still there, festering in your brain, but these past few weeks have taught me to stop bottling them up and throwing them to the waves because they just get washed back up at high tide.

The frost setting in and the cold clouding over has made for very beautiful scenery but it does not do much to aid the January blues and it really has not helped my growing home sickness. Being trapped indoors is the worst thing, with nothing to do and an ever-mounting pile of washing up (non-of which, I would like to add, belongs to me).

After an awful week and a night out that made me feel the complete opposite of relaxed, I felt in need of time out, time away from the stress of living alone or maybe just away from my flat mates. After all, too much of anything is bad for your health and I have definitely seen too much of them!  So, with all the festering feelings in mind, I bought my train ticket for the coming Friday and felt immediately better.

The excitement about heading back home was enough to get me through the rest of the week, just about. I hate feeling homesick but there isn’t any cure except hoping that it passes with time and I know that leaving home will get easier each time I come back to university but there is nothing better than knowing that I will be seeing my family. I packed my bags the morning of my departure and the mess that is the kitchen was left breeding E-Coli judging by the state it was in but I didn’t care because I was leaving.

And what a trip it was. The simplest things in life are the best.

Arriving back to the chaos of having twin sisters going through GCSE’s (I promise they aren’t that bad), and a house that inevitably has no food left! The best solution of course is a Chinese take away, curtesy of my student loan. Pretty sure that’s what it is there for!

Nothing could be better on a Saturday morning than visiting Grandma. She knows what grandchildren need! Even at the age of 19 I am greeted with a cup of tea (or a G & T) and a biscuit and there is not any biscuit better in the world. Grandmas’ always know what to say to cheer you up and you never want to let them down by being unhappy so my weekend mood lifted even further. But that is clearly not enough for one day so my sisters and I went to a new restaurant in town where my Dad works. And oh my god the food is amazing! Called Puddinghams the place only sells desserts…


There cannot be a better end to the weekend.

Sometimes it is important to take a break and step back to what is comfortable in life, even if that is simply going somewhere with people you know because no matter what happens they will always be there and they will always make you feel better.





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