Aims of 2017:

  • Spend less bloody money on food! I am one person and pleased to say I feel pretty damn healthy but I still spending £30 a week on food shopping, so this HAS to stop! From now on I will make the effort, and believe me it is an effort to walk the 2 miles to Aldi (maybe).
  • To be more productive but not be overly optimistic about what I can accomplish in one day!

Let me start by wishing you all a happy new year and second that by asking, how is January going?

If it’s anything like mine, then so far I have kept on top of my resolutions and am not doing too badly. Besides the inevitable lack of cash! There are several things about January that really do just suck, like the weather. I am all up for a slightly rainy day and even quite enjoy the beach in the wet with my wellies and a big coat… but come on EVERY DAY! There is no need to rain on my parade any longer January.

Then there is the drainingly dull mood of everyone else. No matter how optimistic I try to be there are few things in January that make everyone smile and I happen to live with students who believe they have the most to be unhappy about! Okay, I get its cold but we have heating in our home and the lack of money? Well you did spend the last 2 months going out every weekend and most week days come to think about it.

Having said that the ability to remain happy is quite a challenge at this time of year. Shops haven’t quite got rid of all the sale stock so there is no retail therapy to enjoy, and restaurants are all serving salad, some of us don’t want to be healthy, some people want to wallow in the self-pity of January with a meaty burger! And god being back at work really is a nag. That boss you swore never to let run your world again…they’re on your back “have you got a minute too…” and “oh did you manage to finish…” but the revision, that’s the killer. So many hours to do yet so much TV to catch up on. on the plus side I’m sure February will be great and valentine’s day will be wonderful (we hope!).

When life gets too much I just think of the positives of January and the new things I have semi-given up on so far this year. firstly, yoga. I love a bit of yoga, it’s not nearly as relaxing as it should be, I mean pigeon pose…what is that meant to be doing for my inner zen? But I enjoy it all the same. What is even better is that it’s free, I recommend Fitstar yoga, an app available on Iphone and Android.

And the eating. I haven’t necessarily decided to be healthier but I have been trying new recipes, some of which I am sure to share with you on my food page. They have actually been quite the success, lots of different colours is enough to please me when it comes to a plate of food and is anything as satisfying as a full fridge?

The everyday may not always seem bright, especially in January but it isn’t as gloomy as you have been thinking. I have found time for me doing yoga and reading before bed and these two things alone have made all the difference.

Getting to meet those new years goals does not need to be hard. There are so many apps and websites to choose from for healthy lifestyles and starting new skills. There is nothing to stand in the way of becoming the person you want to become and having a fresh start this January.


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