Why did I start a blog? Well, I have no intention of telling you the answer because I have so many other things to share! So instead of babble about my intentions I will bring you all up to date. It is the night before results day (A-levels in case anyone was wondering) and quite frankly I don’t want to think about it! I have instead chosen to remind myself of all the things I have done with the never ending summer holiday.

For the first time in my life I have a really solid group of friends that I truly love- previous friendships have not withstood the test of time- and we kick started the summer with an all mighty pub crawl…

Follow the leader…the ring leader

This was my first not so great idea!

The circus was in town, a sixth form full of 18 year old’s in fancy dress. Hitting the first of 7 pubs at midday, let’s say I have a foggy memory of the following events but I know it was the perfect start to a perfect summer.

What better way to cure a hangover than a trip to the zoo? Or in this case West Midlands Safari Park and the winner has to be the hippo’s! I have wanted to see a hippo FOREVER! I have never been so excited to see an animal and they did not disappoint. They’re hugeness hid below the water, eerie even from behind the fence, which honestly I don’t think could withstand a hippo hurtling towards it. Of course, being water pigs, they were quick to leave the lake when lunch came around and as were we, heading back to the car to grab our picnic – also eaten in the car due to weather more suitable for sea lions than myself.
After celebrating with friends it was time to spend some time partying with my family. Mums birthday is never a big ordeal but this year my sisters and I have spent months planning a surprise party. My advice to anybody considering organising such an event would be not to! It has to be one of the most stressful things I have done. Not only did we have to get mum out of the house in the morning when all she wanted to do was lay in, we also had to coordinate multiple family and friends arriving on time and then finding space in our small estate to hide 5 cars. But, it did all go to plan! Thank goodness our mum had no idea what was waiting when she came home and we enjoyed a much needed BBQ in some of the nice weather we’ve had this summer.

Of course I didn’t have much time to spend with my family and the very next day I was up at insanely early hours travelling to the Silverstone British Gran Prix. What a day. BRDC passes in hand and with 2 of my best friends we watched the race from the first corner. Crashes, buckets of rain and a win for Mercedes (the team I was a guest of) made for an all-round greatly exciting day.

The end of an era came with my sixth form leavers ball at the end of last month. 14 years of schooling and 2 stressful years of A-levels finally over, it was definitely a night to remember. The committee (myself included) arrived at the venue, a beautiful country hotel, at 3 and rushed to set up. Fairy lights were hung, table decorations out and the photo-booth set up I could finally worry about getting myself ready! With pre-drinks down my closest friends and I headed back for a final night of sixth form ‘banter!’ I certainly won’t forget seeing my teachers party and it was a fantastic send off.

The only thing left now is tomorrow. The dreaded results day. But with everything crossed I will update you all again next week.



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